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What is Yoga?

Benefits of Yoga

With regular yoga practice, you can expect to experience the following:

Reduced stress and anxiety with improved relaxation and mental health

Improved muscle tone, with an increase in strength

Improved joint mobility and overall flexibility

Detoxification effect due to the massaging of various organs, yoga ensures optimal blood supply to various parts of the body, helping to eliminate toxins

Pain management and prevention due to the increase in muscle length and

Better posture

Increased cardiovascular fitness due to the stamina required to hold postures strength, helping to bring the body back into balance and alignment

Weight loss due to increased stamina, particularly with power yoga


Yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities but is particularly of use to those individuals with any of the following conditions:

Joint Problems – Mobilisation of the joints releases synovial fluid, helping to lubricate and nourish joints. Weight bearing exercise helps to increase bone density

Back and Neck Problems – Yoga postures gently stretch, tone and mobilise muscles and joints, helping to reduce and manage pain

Mental Health – Insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings – deep breathing and meditation helps to induce relaxation, inner peace and calm

Poor Physical Fitness – Start off gently and progressively get stronger and more supple

Heart Problems – Gentle forms of yoga help to lower heart rate and blood pressure


We offer instruction in three major yoga styles: Ashtanga, Sivananda and Hatha. The classes on offer are: Yoga mat class: Aerial reverse gravity yoga, Hot yoga, Yoga for Men and Yogalates.

Aerial yoga is performed on a hammock style swing. Traditional yoga postures are done in the air and the anti gravity effect helps to decompress the spine, easing back pain.

Ashtanga yoga is more dynamic with an emphasis on continual movement and flows from one asana (posture) to another in sequence.

Hatha yoga is a more general style of yoga. Postures may be held for a short or lengthened period of time with focus on correct technique and alignment. Props such as blocks, straps and ropes may be used to develop correct body posture and alignment.

Sivananda is a more all round style of yoga, neither possessing the vinyasa (flow) of Ashtanga nor the intricate alignment of Iyengar. The benefits of yoga are to calm and focus the mind, to induce deep relaxation, reduce stress. It helps to stretch and tone the muscles and through specific breathwork, to energise the body.

Hot yoga is classical Hatha yoga postures performed at a temperature of about 100 – 105 degrees Fahrenheit (38 - 41 degrees Centigrade). The heat allows the muscles, tendons and ligaments to warm up quickly, which can reduce injury risk. The increased body temperature can allow participants to go deeper into the postures, often resulting in increased flexibility as compared with a yoga class performed at normal room temperatures.

All our yoga instructors have trained and spent extensive time in India studying the various methods and techniques.


Class Prices

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6 session credits
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12 session credits
You have 8 weeks to use these sessions from date of purchase

PLEASE NOTE: when buying a bundle of lessons, you can use those credits against any class, on any day, any time, with any instructor and across all methods of movement on the timetable.