What is Hot Yoga?

Benefits of working in the heat

The heat allows the muscles, tendons and ligaments to warm up quickly, which can reduce injury risk.
The increased body temperature can allow participants to go deeper into the postures, often resulting in increased flexibility as compared with a yoga class performed at normal room temperatures.

By keeping high room temperatures, this workout aims to assist in the elimination of toxins from the body via sweat from the skin – a very effective way to detox.

Hot yoga is a holistic workout that stretches you both physically and mentally yet but at the same time allowing you to feel calm and balanced.
The series of postures are designed to open up the major joints, whilst balancing muscular alignment and improving the body's biomechanical efficiency.

Increased muscular strength, coupled with improvements in flexibility and alignment mean that there is less strain on the joints. This can result in a reduced risk of injury, along with a reduction in muscular tension or pain and improved posture. This all adds up to a body that is balanced and can move more effectively and harmoniously but with minimal effort.


Class Prices

1 session credit
You must use this session within 7 days of purchase
6 session credits
You have 8 weeks to use these sessions from date of purchase
12 session credits
You have 8 weeks to use these sessions from date of purchase

PLEASE NOTE: when buying a bundle of lessons, you can use those credits against any class, on any day, any time, with any instructor and across all methods of movement on the timetable.