Pilates and Yoga for Pregnancy

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Why exercise during pregnancy?

The importance of maintaining fitness levels

More than two-thirds of pregnant women suffer from back pain, which is a big discomfort during pregnancy especially in terms of mobility and relaxation leading to lack of sleep & stress. The other common problems during pregnancy are pelvic floor muscle dysfunction including Symphysis pubis dysfunction, Diastases Rectus abdominis, and Nerve compression syndrome which lead to incontinence. These problems can be treated in a non-pharmaceutical way through exercise.

In Pre Natal & Post Natal Classes We Will Cover The Following:

Ergonomic advice on safe and appropriate exercises
Educate on correct posture and give exercise on postural correction
Stretching exercises to help an easy pregnancy and labour
Pelvic Floor Muscle strengthening exercises
Spinal mobility & flexibility exercises
Musculo-skeletal strengthening exercises for reducing joint pain & increasing mobility
Pranayamas (yogic breathing) for relaxation, stress relief & easy labour​
Benefits Of Pre Natal & Post Natal Exercises:
Reliving upper back tension and breast discomfort
Restoring the uterus, abdomen and the pelvic floor
Relieving edema (fluid retention) & cramping
Raising energy levels while also helping in slowing the metabolism to restore calm and focus
Reduction in back pain
Reduction in stress incontinence
Helps build and maintain good posture
Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia
Helps women to gain self-confidence and lead a healthy lifestyle


Class Prices

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6 session credits
You have 8 weeks to use these sessions from date of purchase
12 session credits
You have 8 weeks to use these sessions from date of purchase

PLEASE NOTE: when buying a bundle of lessons, you can use those credits against any class, on any day, any time, with any instructor and across all methods of movement on the timetable.