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What is Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® ?

The difference between Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®

Gyrokinesis ® is the mat based version of the exercises. So how does a typical class start? Before you even begin to exercise you literally “wake up” the body. This entails sitting on a stool as you work your way from your head to your toes pulling your eyelids, squashing your ears, massaging your neck and stomach, beating your legs and bottom and stretching your toes amongst other things.

Sounds crazy? You would be surprised, it really does work! You feel energised and alive afterwards and then the real work starts. There are exercises to tone and stretch each part of the body to try and bring the body into balance and correct alignment. Just twenty minutes a day can eliminate persistent stiffness and stress induced back problems we often experience in our daily lives.

The workout is good for sufferers of arthritis, neck stiffness and overall joint problems. Clients can expect to achieve increased spinal mobility and strength, improvement in co-ordination, long lean muscle development, relief from chronic injuries and prevention of future ones.

Currently being hailed as Yoga for the 21st century, it is best described as a mixture of yoga, tai chi, gymnastics and dance. Invented by Juliu Horvath, a renowned Romanian ballet dancer, it uses three dimensional, circular movements on hand crafted wooden equipment with friction, spring and weight resistance, while employing yoga breathing techniques. Although there are several machines, the Gyrotonic ® tower is the machine most commonly used.
Creator of this method, Juliu Horvath, became injured during his dancing career and tried all sorts of therapies but to no avail. He then set about working on this own body, developing his own system of exercise which completely healed his problems.
He brought the method back to the States where he taught mat classes to dancers and actors.From then on he began to develop his own machine to assist people in gaining strength and flexibility. There are now fifty studios in New York and three in Aspen whilst others are popping up in Spain, Germany, Italy and Paris.
Gyrotonic ® is fast gaining credibility over in the U.K now thanks to the likes of Madonna and other celebrities practising the method. As Gyrotonic ® is low impact, it is suitable for people with injuries. A wide range of ages and abilities are able to practise the method as there are several levels to the exercises. It is designed to create flexibility and strength and it cleanses the system and detoxifies the body. Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis are exclusive to the Tyne and Wear area.
Gyrotonic ® is taught on a one to one basis only.


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