Pilates Beginners Workshop

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What to expect from a Pilates Introductory workshop

Two hour induction sessions for beginners

These taster workshops at our Sunderland studio are designed for those individuals who would like to join a class but have no experience of Pilates or knowledge of the technique.

It is a comprehensive induction into the method covering the basic essentials you need to understand in order to join a group session. If you have no knowledge or experience or any understanding of what you are trying to achieve then, at best, the exercise will be ineffective (so pointless executing it) or at worst, there is potential for injury if you do not know what you are doing or using the wrong muscles.

These two hour introductory sessions will teach you the fundamentals of this comprehensive method, so that you are confident to join a group class afterwards and know that you are performing the exercises correctly and safely, with proper alignment and technique.

The Pilates workshop covers the following:

Thoracic breathwork
Posture assessment
Segmental control of the spine
Engagement of the core abdominals and powerhouse muscles
Engagement and correct use of the back and spinal muscles


Class Prices

Pilates Beginners Workshop

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