Mindfulness & Meditation 8 Week course

Class time & book

What is Mindfulness?

This is a life changing course when you learn to release yourself from the past and take control of your life - be the architect of your future

Mindfulness teaches us to be present and live in the Now thereby reducing stress and tension, using a variety of different techniques.

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment and learning to control incessant thought patterns. The mind often strays into the past and then worries about the future and it can be difficult to stay rooted in the present. Meditation is one of the techniques on offer to prevent negative thoughts and control the mind. We will offer various different types of meditation to calm the body and mind.

Week One - What is Mindfulness? Learning to be present. Mindful Eating - The Raisin Exercise. Anchoring techniques. Basic meditation focusing on the body and breath.

Week Two - The Ego. Transcendental meditation technique. Using mantras.

Week Three - The Four Agreements. Candle gazing. Mountain meditation.

Week Four - Negative thoughts and catastrophic thinking. Yoga nidra guided meditation

Week Five - Forgiveness and letting go of the past. Forgiveness meditation.

Week Six - Subconscious and Conscious Mind. Yoga nidra meditation.

Week Seven -Gratitude and happiness. Finding your authentic self meditation.

Week Eight - The Chakra energy centres. Chakra meditation

Class Prices

Pilates Beginners Workshop

These one off introductory taster workshops will teach you the fundamental technique that is required to join a group class

Yoga Beginners Workshop

You will learn some basic yoga asanas (postures) on this two hour workshop, along with breathing and relaxation techniques

Mindfulness & Meditation

This course of 8 sessions lasting 1 and a half hour will help you de-stress and unwind. Start with stretches to release inner tension, followed by a guided meditation.

Sadhana Spiritual Practice Workshop

This 2.5 hour workshop consits of exercise, meditation, prayer and chanting for a truly uplifting experience for your soul

Kundalini Yoga Workshop

This two hour workshop will introduce you to the basic practice of Kundalini yoga with some basic krias (actions/ moves), meditation and chanting

Self Development Two Hour Workshops

We offer various self development workshops at MyBody Studios, each lasting two hours on different subjects.