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The ancient practice of Kirtan or yoga mantra chanting is gaining popularity. It has the ability to open the heart and quiet the mind. These uplifting workshops combine mantra with singing. A mantra is a sacred sound in the form of a word or phrase, which is repeated in order to free the mind. Repetition of the mantra in a calm, meditative state, can help us to break habits and behaviour patterns that no longer serve us and can assist in unleashing our creativity and deepest potential. Singing mantras with musical instruments as an accompaniment is a way to help focus and absorb body, mind and soul in the sound. If the mantra is the antidote, the music is the potion that makes it easy to take.

With the fast pace of life in these current times, mantra meditation is the easiest way to achieve inner calm and focus. Students report feeling inspired and uplifted after a session of chanting. It helps to open up the heart. The ego is dampened as you get lost in the music, singing like an innocent child, without a care in the world. Any self-conscious thoughts or limiting beliefs are dampened as you become totally at one, absorbed in the rhythm. It's also a very social class, meeting like minded people who share your love of self-expression.

Although this is traditionally a spiritual practice, you can just think of it as a sing-along. In this very relaxed, informal environment, the leader sings the mantra, and the audience repeats it back. This is not about having a great singing voice, it's about creating a vibration, so that you may feel a connection with your soul. Therefore, although you are encouraged to find your voice, there is no obligation to participate, so you may just sit and listen and absorb the vibration and soak up the group energy. A single chant can go on for a number of minutes. As you sing with each other you experience a deep connection with the music, the other participants and yourself. And when the music stops, your mind is quiet.

Because kirtan has roots in India, some songs are sung in Sanskrit language. The sessions at our Sunderland studio will nourish your body, mind and soul - a truly uplifting experience.

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