Introduction to Mindfulness and meditation

Class time & book

Two hour taster session for Meditation and Mindfulness

This workshop will introduce you to the basic principles of mindfulness and how to live in the moment. Often our minds drift into the past (regret mode) or project into the future (worry mode) and we lose the beauty of the present moment. Learn to live in the NOW and not allow thoughts to control you. You will learn how to breathe correctly in order to reduce stress and calm the parasympathetic nervous system. A mindful eating exercise task will be taught so that you can bring all of your five senses alive during the experience. This will show you how to step off the treadmill and treat each experience with a 'beginners mind' - rather than going through the motions and living your life on autopilot mode

You will learn the principles of meditation and some top tips to begin your own practice. We will show you a basic meditation technique called Body Scan, to calm the mind and reduce stress and to help promote good sleep.

Once learned, you will have these techniques for life, to practice as a good habit in order to reduce stress.

Class Prices

Pilates Beginners Workshop

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Yoga Beginners Workshop

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Mindfulness & Meditation

This course of 8 sessions lasting 1 and a half hour will help you de-stress and unwind. Start with stretches to release inner tension, followed by a guided meditation.

Sadhana Spiritual Practice Workshop

This 2.5 hour workshop consits of exercise, meditation, prayer and chanting for a truly uplifting experience for your soul

Kundalini Yoga Workshop

This two hour workshop will introduce you to the basic practice of Kundalini yoga with some basic krias (actions/ moves), meditation and chanting

Self Development Two Hour Workshops

We offer various self development workshops at MyBody Studios, each lasting two hours on different subjects.